Types of Memorial

Find the perfect words

Finding the right words to engrave upon the memorial of a loved one can sometimes be difficult. Try looking at a selection of suggested inscriptions for inspiration.

Inscriptions & Verses

"Time passes, memories stay
Loved and remembered every day."


For many people the provision of a suitable memorial is a visible link between their departed loved ones and themselves.

Within this website we offer a varied selection of memorials suitable for cemeteries or churchyards, everything from a simple vase to an ornate kerb-set.
The memorial you choose can be tailored to your individual requirements in terms of design, size, ornamentation and colour.
Personal designs and ornamentation can be included to make your choice truly unique.



We are a well established, locally owned and independent family company with years of experience, committed to providing the highest standard of care and service to each family that we serve.

We will guide you through each stage and aspect of memorial design.  The choice of wording and ornamentation can be as individual as you wish.                   


Material: Black Granite
Finish: Polished
Design: Bevelled Formal
Ornamentation: Flower holder